2 paragraph answer – Topic of Conversation:

2 paragraph answer –

Topic of Conversation:

Your scenario describing how the interaction between minor objects of Solar System and giant planets causes useful and harmful consequences for our life/future. 

After reading Ch 12, recalling Ch 11 and keeping in mind the recent Rosetta’s mission completed after nearly 57 hours on Comet 67P/ Churumov-Gerasimenko, write the scenario where you need  describe and compare 

1. The roles of minor objects in delivering substances forming the Solar System and as the sources of relevant information from outer space.

2. How important is this information and for what? What is the difference between this information and expected results of your last space program? What is the same?

3. What is the role of giant planets in  the interaction with  minor objects of outer space and inner Solar System that may affect your life positively and negatively. What are these pluses and minuses that may affect your life, its progress and regress?

4. What role in you scenario would play Pluto ? Would it be the same role as in your space program for jovian planets where you investigated the effect of orbiting resonance or different effects ?

5. What physical laws help you determine the parametrs of asteroids (temperatire, brightness, trajectory)?

6. Use in your scenario the real dates (take from internet) of the closest appoaching of comets and asteroids to the Earth’s orbit.

7. Run this scenario in the sequence of events starting from your measurements (describe) revealing some upcoming object that may be dangerous (describe reasons and consequences), and on the other hand contains very interesting information of its origin and state as well as the reason of its appearence (what kind of interaction) and many other information of our solar system we can get in result of your space research. You are preparing the reseach program including your flyby to this object to get the characteristics (what kind of ?) to learn more about forming of the solar system. And the same time you include in your program the research of this or another object that may threat the life on the earth. You need to determine the expected level of this danger (describe in a plausible picture) and consequences, that likely would require some strategic action to redirect this object (describe) or blast it. You also need to include in your programe the actions considered in  case of possible catastrophe, up to the evacuation of people  to the planets with water you investigated in your last space research program. Switch on your imagination and support it by your knowledge !. Today you are a space research scientist and  the film director of a great movie. Go!

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