4. 1/2 points | Previous Answers My Notes . Ask Your Teacher Question Part 1 2 Total 1/1 0/1 1/2 Points Submissions Used 1/5 2/5 A solid block is

I was able to do the first part but having trouble with 4b.

4.1/2 points | Previous AnswersMy Notes . Ask Your TeacherQuestion Part12Total1/10/11/2PointsSubmissions Used1/52/5A solid block is attached to a spring scale. When the block is suspended in air the scale reads 70.0 N; when it is completely immersed in water the scale reads 60.6 N.(a) What is the block’s volume?9.60e-4m3(b) What is the block’s density?27.45e-3x kg/miSubmit AnswerSave Progress5.-1 pointsMy Notes . Ask Your TeacherTo water the yard you use a hose with a radius of 3.9 cm. Water flows from the hose with a speed of 1.1 m/s. If you partially block the end of the hose so the effective radiusis now 0.55 cm, with what speed does water spray from the hose?m/sleXW10:02 AM5/7/2019

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