Anthrax is a fatal, contagious disease that affects farm animals and humans.

Anthrax is a fatal, contagious disease that affects farm animals and humans. This disease has received a lot of media attention because it is one of several that can be used as a biological warfare agent. To learn more about this disease, scientists at the biological warfare research center at Fort Dietrich, Maryland set up the following experiment. One herd of 100 cows was injected with an experimental vaccine composed of a liquid containing anthrax bacteria that has been weakened by heating. A second herd of 100 cows was injected with the same liquid, minus the heat treated bacteria. A few weeks later, the scientists injected both herds of 100 cows with full strength bacteria. The cattle that had been previously injected with weakened bacteria showed no symptoms of the disease. The cattle from the second herd became ill and died.

what is the control group for this experiment

Question 11 options:


the first herd injected with the vaccine


injecting both herds with full strength anthrax


the heat treated anthrax


the amount of anthrax injected


the second herd

2–Li is studying the effects of a potential anticancer drug on cancer cells she is working with in the lab. The drug is designed to kill cancerous cells after a day of treatment. To deliver the drug, it is dissolved in a solvent called DMSO. Li wants to ensure that the anti-cancer drug is selective for cancerous cells and will not harm normal cells. What would be an important control to show this piece

Question 12 options:

a) Cancer cells not treated with anything

b) cancer cells exposed to DMSO but no drug

c) normal cells not treated with anything

d) normal cells exposed to the anti-cancer drug dissolved in DMSO

e)normal cell exposed to DMSO and no drug

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