AutoSave OFF CHEM303B_Unit 5 Mid Unit Test Part 2_June 2017 – Compatibility Mode Q ~ Search in Document Home Insert Design Layout References Mailings…

AutoSaveOFFCHEM303B_Unit 5 Mid Unit Test Part 2_June 2017 – Compatibility ModeQ ~ Search in DocumentHomeInsertDesignLayoutReferencesMailingsReviewViewShareAArial10A- A AaAaBbCcDdEtAaBbCcDcAaBbCcDdiAaBbCcDdiAaBbCcDdEeAaBbCcDcAaBbCcDdlPasteBI !U abe X2 X2 AA.EmphasisHeading 1NormalstrongSubtitleTitleNo SpacingStylesPane2. Please examine the models below. These models represent different stages of a reaction in which thereactants are fluromethane and hydroxide. The products are methanol and fluoride ion. Please note that theblack dots represent carbon, blue represent fluorine, red represents oxygen, and white represents hydrogen.ABCWrite the balanced equation for this reaction and be sure to use proper notation for the ions.Create a sketch of the reaction that places figures A, B and C in correct order (reactant, activatedcomplex, products). Using specific details, please explain what is happening at each step of the reaction.Your explanation must specific to receive full credit.Draw an energy diagram to represent this reaction. The graph must be your own creation! Be sure tolabel the axes of the graph, each step of the reaction, and the activation energy. Write a briefexplanation of your graph.Page 2 of 4563 words xEnglish (United States)Focuss -+108%

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