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chemistry questions below in picture. Please answer all of them thanks…………………………

AutoSave OFFDocument8Q Search in DocumentHomeInsertDesignLayoutReferencesMailingsReviewViewShareArial10A- AV A2 AAaBbCcDdEAaBbCcDdiAaBbCcDcAaBbCcDdEAaBb(AaBbCcDdEtAaBbCcDdEe1PasteBI U . abe X2 X2 AL. A.NormalNo SpacingHeading 1Heading 2TitleSubtitleSubtle EmphStylesPaneGraded AssignmentSCI303B: Chemistry | Unit 7 | Lesson 7: Unit Test1. Draw a ball and stick model of 3-hexene. include all of the carbon and hydrogen atoms in the model.What class of organic molecule is 3-hexene?Describe an isomer.. Draw an isomer of 3-hexene using the same ball-and-stick method.2. Draw the structural formulas of the four-carbon hydrocarbons butane, 1-butene, and 1-butyne (pleasedo not use skeletal formulas).Classify each molecule, and explain the differences between them.3. Proteins are polymers of amino acids. Draw a general diagram of an amino acid. Make sure to notethe part of the general structure that varies to make the different amino acids.. Describe three types of biological functions of proteins.Page 1 of 1 109 words[ English (United States)EFocus-+139%

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