child 2

1.  Read Chapter 2 of the book “Counseling Children” and discuss the following: 

     a.  Identify AND explain the four stages of Piaget’s Cognitive Development Model (including the age range for each stage).       b.  list at least TWO cognitive traits for each of the stages. 2.  Please address how to respond to the following vignette from a culturally sensitive framework.  In addition, please list at least 2 potential cognitive/developmental issues to be aware of when working with this client.  What additional information about the client would you pursue in order to inform your work with her?      You are providing therapy in a school setting with Lizzy, an 8 year-old Mexican American bilingual child.  She was referred by her teacher who indicated that Lizzy isolates herself from other students, is often irritable and has difficulty focusing in class.  In the sessions you notice she is self critical and she never recognizes any of her personal strengths.  You have attempted to contact Lizzy’s parents in an effort to set up a parent meeting and have left a couple voicemails but have not received a call back.  The information in your file indicates that Lizzy is receiving some educational accommodations due to her difficulty “keeping up” academically.  

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