Choose a Research topic from our textbook or from the New York Times’ Science Section on Tuesdays (available at

Research Paper Instructions:

1.   Choose a Research topic from our textbook or from the New York Times’ Science Section on Tuesdays (available at Email this topic to the instructor and include 3 references for scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic by no later than Sunday, January 29, 2017 at 11:54 PM.  Be sure to read my suggested tips for locating a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal article BEFORE sending me your proposed topic / references.

2.   Wait for emailed approval for your topic before writing.

3.   Please type your research paper using Microsoft Word 10-12 point black font Times New Roman or Arial

4.   View and adhere to these Research Paper Assignment Guidelines (see below) as you complete your paper.

5.   Provide in-text citations and references following the American Psychological Association (APA 6.0) style writing format for documenting your sources.  Paraphrase and / or directly quote following APA 6.0 formatting guidelines.   Points reductions will occur for no / improper use of APA 6.0 scholarly formatting AND / OR for use of other types of scholarly formatting such as MLA or Chicago.

o    Reference Librarians at each campus of the college can also help you with this.

o    Recommended website: Purdue University Online Writing Lab.

6.   Discuss information from your course text and at least FIVE scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles related to your topic in your paper.  Cite / reference all paraphrased or quoted material in your paper following APA 6.0.  Your paper must include a minimum of five (5) typed pages in addition to a cover page and reference pages.

  1. Cite / reference any paraphrased or quoted statements in discussions following APA 6.0.
  2. Statements made in your research paper must be documented and referenced, using American Psychological Association 6.0 format


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