Complications of Aging

choose your topic for this week’s discussion. The topics come from Chapter 24 of your text (Hubert, R. J., & VanMeter, K. (2018). Gould’s pathophysiology for the health professions (6th ed.). Elsevier)


Topic choice : Explain why obesity is undesirable in the elderly and what physiological effects this could have.


However, you must also locate a scholarly article related to your aging discussion question. Your question should be stated in your initial discussion post and answered based on pathophysiological principles and specifically those related to aging. Remember, you should focus on the pathophysiology of the content for your initial  as well as applying your knowledge to Advanced Practice Nursing.


My article choice:

question can arise from this article –  for example Impact of Obesity on Physical Function/Disability

Batsis, J. A., & Zagaria, A. B. (2018). Addressing Obesity in Aging Patients. The Medical clinics of North America102(1), 65–85.


in addition to answering the question posed made sure that you provide an example of a patient in which you might check these labs, perform a test, given an injection etc. and how the results or your new knowledge would or could affect your plan of care?


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