Consider the following reaction: aw (CH3)2C:CHCH3 + HBr – CH3C|;CCH3 Br |-|1 The correct step in the reaction mechanism is: (1) G) e (CH3)2C:CHCH3 +…

Please advise the correct step in reaction mechanism?

12. Consider the following reaction:aw(CH3)2C:CHCH3 + HBr —- CH3—C|;—C—CH3Br |-|1The correct step in the reaction mechanism is:(1)G) e(CH3)2C:CHCH3 + H—Br —- (CH3)ZC—CHZCH3 + BrL)(2)m He 9 (In-‘3 I(CH3)2HC—CHCH3 + Br _. CHs—Cli—CII—CHSBr H78CHE15021101l3l2017(3)G) e(CH3)2C::CHCH3 + H Br —- (CH3)2HC—CHCH3 + BrU(4)@fle (EH3 $rBr —- (CH3)zc—CH20H3 + CH3—C—C—CH3 H H

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