Consider the following reaction. BaCO3(s) Ba2+(aq) + CO32 (aq), Kc = [Ba2+] [CO32 ] = 2.

Consider the following reaction.Kc = [Ba2+] [CO32− ] = 2.58×10-9A solution is prepared by adding some solid BaCO3 to water and allowing the solid to come to equilibrium with the solution. What are the concentrations of Ba2+ and CO32− in the solution?

Given:BaCo3 (s) → Ba +2 (aq) + CO 3-2 (aq) K c = Ba +2 CO3-2 = 2.58 ×10 −9 We are asked to find out the concentrations of Barium and Carbonate ions.+2-2Let us assume the Ba = CO3 = x K c =…

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