Cystic Fibrosis,Cystic Fibrosis

Reply to  your classmates. The reply should be to peers who chose different case studies and not the same as yours. Use scholarly information to help contrast or compare information with your classmates.

The files attached are Cystic Fibrosis in which i’m responding to and compare and contrast to Emphysema which is my paper.

Cystic Fibrosis

a) Economically, specifically as it relates to the ability to access health insurance and health care.

b) Susceptibility to engage in substance abuse.

c) Prenatal care and childbearing.

d) Occupational considerations and hazards.

e) Ability to cope with stress.

2) Develop a care plan that addresses the following:

a) Identify expected outcomes for an adult client living with this childhood condition.

b) Develop health screening, health promotion, health interventions, and education for adults with this condition.

c) Identify a comprehensive set of relevant resources, both community[miami] and national, for adults with this condition. Provide description of resources.

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