Define the following terms associated with biotechnology:Biotechnology b.Genetic engineering c.GMO d.Transgenicorganism e.Recombinant DNA technology…

1.      Define the following terms associated with biotechnology:

a.      Biotechnology

b.      Genetic engineering

c.      GMO

d.      Transgenic organism

e.      Recombinant DNA technology

f.       Restriction enzyme

g.      Vector

h.      Plasmid

2.      Explain the steps of recombinant DNA technology that are used to create human insulin and clones of the human insulin gene.

3.      Explain how restriction enz ymes cut DNA to create sticky ends and state why sticky ends are important. 

4.      State why plasmids are the vector used in the above example of recombinant DNA technology to create human insulin.

5.      State the overall steps of creating a DNA fingerprint (profile) using restriction enzymes and gel electrophoresis.

6.      Interpret correctly a picture of a DNA fingerprint (profile) to eliminate or include a potential suspect.

7.      Define STRs and explain how they are used in DNA fingerprinting.

8.      State the uses of DNA fingerprinting in the medical field and in forensics.

9.      List 4 crop plants that are commonly genetically modified.

10.  Describe some of the new traits genetically modified plants possess because they have been genetically modified. 

11.  Explain how the eggs of animals have been used to create genetically modified animals.

12.  State why the gene for bovine growth hormone has been added to many animal species.

13.  Describe how gene pharming has been used to produce drugs for humans.

14.   Describe how transgenic mice have been utilized in cystic fibrosis research. 

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