Discussion Week 5: Strategies for Community Nurses when Impacting Target Populations – Ashby


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Grading Rubric

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  1. Community assessment are similar to patient assessments in a way.  As a nurse in a hospital or clinic, you would want to first assess the patient before coming up with a list of problems and corresponding nursing diagnoses.
  2. For a patient that presents with shortness of breath, your problem would be SOB.  The nursing  diagnosis would state (from the patient’s perspective) shortness of breath due to a history of smoking for the past 10 years.
  3. A community assessment might demonstrate there are many homeless people in the community.  A nursing diagnosis might read: increasing homelessness due to a lack of affordable housing.
  4. As part of your community assessment, you will identify actual health problems or potential health problems within your community that allow the formation of nursing diagnoses.  You will list the nursing diagnoses as part of your community assessment.  Based on these diagnoses, you will plan an intervention with evaluation.
  5. For this week’s Discussion, identify 2 community problems and their subsequent nursing diagnoses.  Come up with a list of interventions or strategies to intervene for these problems.

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