emer PLATO LEARNING 2. Plot these data onto this axis Kinetic Energy Velocity (in Joules) (in meters/seconds) SONKOO NO CONOAW- Kinetic Energy vs.

Plot these data onto this axis? And see if it’s a linear or nonlinear?

emerPLATOLEARNING2. Plot these data onto this axisKinetic EnergyVelocity(in Joules)(in meters/seconds)SONKOO NOCONOAW-Kinetic Energy vs. Velocity200-150-Kinetic Energy (J)100-50-Velocity (m/s)Is this graph linear or nonlinear?Permission is granted to thstructors to cctors to copy and distribute this work sheet for instructional puegistered trademark of PLATO Leaming, Ine PLATO Learning is a trademark of PLATO Learning. Inc.ional purposes only. Copyright 2005 PLATO Learning, Inc. All rights reserved, PLATO& is a4

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