Enzymes are regulated by the cells either by controlling their s or by controlling their a once they have been made. I and r of enzyme enzymes are S…

can you please help me to find out this about enzyme

Enzymes are regulated by the cells either by controlling their sor by controllingtheir aonce they have been made. Iand rof enzymeenzymes areSare genetic means of controlling enzyme action. Cproduced continuously without genetic regulation.Some enzymes are produced in an inactive state called a zOnce a piece of thisinactive enzyme is removed, catalysis proceeds. Other enzymes produced in an inactive state need corto activate them.Some enzyme action can be inhibited. A cinhibitor is shaped similarly to theenzyme’s sand works by blocking the enzyme’s a. Many antibioticmedications work this way. For example, penicillin inhibits one of the enzymes responsible for cell wall synthesis inbacteria. Another type of enzyme inhibition is caused by the attachment of a molecule at "another" site on the enzyme.These ainhibitors change the shape of the enzyme and therefore the enzyme’s active site. Oneexample of this n_-Cinhibition occurs when the end product of a biochemical pathwayattaches to an asite on the first enzyme of the biochemical pathway inhibiting its actionand effectively shutting down the pathway. This fprevents the cell fromoverproducing a particular molecule. Some enzyme action is regulated by the Lof enzymes inthe cell or its membranes.

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