EOH502 Module 4 – Case


Assignment Overview

You are employed by a local municipality as environmental health officer and are placed in charge of solid waste disposal and management.

Case Assignment

Currently the county disposes of their municipal solid wastes in a landfill. The landfill’s capacity will end in a few years and a new option is being considered to manage solid waste management in the county for the next 50 years. Write a paper in which you:

  1. Compare and contrast two alternatives for the county’s solid waste disposal (for example landfill versus incineration). Examples of factors to consider in your analysis may include environmental impacts, human health impacts, resource conservation or recovery, occupational hazards for operators and sustainability.
  2. Select the best method for solid waste disposal in this scenario setting and explain your rationale.

Assignment Expectations

Use information from your module readings/articles as well as appropriate research to support your paper.

Length: The Case Assignment should be 3-5 pages long (double-spaced).

Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric that is linked within the course. Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should adhere to these



Use of scholarly sources: You are expected to utilize scholarly sources in preparing your paper and incorporate relevant background readings. Online sources must be limited to credible professional and scholarly publications such as peer-reviewed journal articles, e-books, or specific webpages on websites from a university, government, or nonprofit organization.

Use of your own words: Your paper should be written in your own words to enable faculty to assess your level of understanding. Use of direct quotes should be avoided. Only use direct quotes when preserving the exact words of an author is necessary. In the rare instance that directly quoted material is used, it must be properly cited (with quotation marks and page numbers in the in-text citation); quotes should not exceed 5% of the total paper content.

In-text citations and reference list: Cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list. In-text citations and reference list should conform to APA guidelines.

Error-free submissions: Proofread your paper to ensure it is free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling, and that each part of the assignment has been addressed clearly and completely.

Similarity Index (SI) score: Papers with TurnItIn SI score of 15% or higher (excluding direct quotes and references) will be reviewed by the instructor to distinguish between correctly documented research and possible academic dishonesty. Please use the report and your SI score as a guide to improve the originality of your work.

File format: Your work should be prepared using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel depending upon the assignment instructions. For assignments requiring video or voice recordings, use media formats that are supported by MyTLC Courses as noted in our .

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