Experiment 9: SPECTROSCOPY: ABSORPTION amp; EMISSION Sample Data Collection and Results Pages Part I: Absorption Spectroscopy Using the color…

Need answers for question 1-5.

Chemistry 108. Experiment 9 Spectroscopy: Absorption & Emission.


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Experiment 9: SPECTROSCOPY: ABSORPTION & EMISSIONSample Data Collection and Results PagesPart I: Absorption SpectroscopyUsing the color pencils provided, color the box below to match the wavelengths observedin the spectroscope.TI400450500550600650700 nmDescribe the color of the solution ( transmitted) and the color(s) that disappeared (absorbed)when each of the following solutions was placed between the light source and the slit.Color of solutionColor(s) that Disappeared from the RainbowCuSO4(aq)BlueRed, erangeNiCl2(aq)greenPurple dark fes blockyellowFeCl3(aq)Violand blueState your hypothesis to explain the relationship between the color transmitted and colors thatare absorbed and how they are related to the color wheel:will specihe colors disapeo ou the opposite sil of Ha whay.Proposed plan to test your hypothesis, including predicted results:Take a solution of Red -orange color and see it light bluedissepealState the observations from your test and state whether it shows that your hypothesis is valid.purple blue , and green123

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