Financial Viability,Financial Viability


Professional Development

  • Considering the five stakeholders in health care: consumers, providers, payers, suppliers, and regulators – what role can each play in health care quality, and cost containment?
  • In your opinion, what health policy has had the greatest impact on health care in the United States? Why?
  • Frame some arguments for or against the policy of mandated minimum staffing ratios in the positive versus normative economic dichotomy.

This APA essay will have 1200-1500 words with 4 supporting references. Make certain to include an introduction and conclusion paragraph, along a title and reference page.

Financial Viability

Question description

Financial Viability Paper

Understanding the general financial status of his or her organization can help the nurse manager to better focus his or her department’s efforts to promote the overall organizational goals. Additionally, if the nurse manager wants to become part of the decision-making processes within the organization, it is absolutely necessary for her or him to be able to interpret and analyze information about the financial status of the organization.

Using the readings for the week, the South University Online Library, and the Internet, write a 3–4-page financial viability paper.

Cover the following:

  • Identify the key financial statements and describe how they are used within the healthcare organization.
  • Describe the techniques for interpretation and analysis of financial statements, such as cash flow statements, statements of changes in net assets, common ratios and examples of ratio analyses, and the role of notes in financial statements.
  • Examine ratio analysis of financial statements.
  • Explain management reports.
  • Examine the implications of a financial statement analysis for nurse managers.

APA format please

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