hello can you help with solving the prelab questions?

  1. hello can you help with solving the prelab questions?

Suggest a possible procedure for the experiment described in Procedure 3.1.


1.           As a class, design an experiment to test the affect of having insulation (wool) on the ability of sheep to maintain temperature homeostasis. Identify the independent variable, dependent variable, and controlled variables. Materials available include: plastic cup, Styrofoam cup, Vernier LabQuest unit, 2 temperature probes, hot plate, insulating gloves, pan with ice water, graduated cylinder, and water. The experimental design is subject to approval by your instructor.

2.           Directions for using the LabQuest unit with a temperature probe are provided under Procedure 3.2.

3.           Write the procedure on a separate piece of paper. Collect data for 5 minutes. Determine how often to collect a temperature reading. Your instructor must approve the procedure before your group proceeds. 

4.           What is the independent variable? _______________________________

5.           What is the dependent variable? ________________________________

6.           What are the controlled variables? _______________________________

7.           Carry out the procedure.

8.         data table on the back of your paper. Have a column for the time, a column for the temperature without insulation (sheared sheep) and a column for the temperature with insulation (sheep with wool). Copy the data recorded on the LabQuest unit.

9.           Graph the data using an Excel spreadsheet. The directions for graphing are listed under Procedure 3.3 Instructor initials _________

10.        Analyze the temperature change over time for the two types of sheep.



11.        What body system would stirring represent? ________________________________

12.        Does it make sense to shear sheep right before winter in Montana? Why or why not? ___________________________________________________________________


13.        This simulation models winter conditions. What challenges exist for animals during a Texas summer? How can a rancher overcome these challenges? ___________________________________________________________________



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