Image orientation ( 0. 5pt ) – Draw the e in the orientation that you expect it to be in when* you view it on the microscope : 5. 2…

I’m asking only for section 5.2 please. The ‘knob’ they are referring to is the knob of the microscope that’s printed in the picture of the attachment . Please ignore image orientation part.

Image orientation ( 0. 5pt ) -Draw the "e" in the orientation that you expect it to be in when*you view it on the microscope :"5. 2 Objective lens and depth of focus ( 2.0 pts )What focus knob is first used to bring the image to focus ? Whatobjective lens is first used to view the image ?"When the magnification increases , what happens to field of viewand depth of focus . Do they stay the same , decrease or increase ?"( Circle the answer ) .Some organelles were not seen under the compound lightmicroscope . Do you think better staining and a more powerfulmicroscope would have helped ?’ Yes or No

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