Imagine it is the year 2099 and you are an engineer working on EyeBot.a robot that can see as well as a human! Below is a diagram of the robot’s eye….

However, there seems to be a glitch and robot is bumping into door frames and windows when the lights are turned low. A junior engineer suggests EyeBot has a problem with


. Another colleague, who has taken Perception at Hunter, insists the problem is with

lateral inhibition

. You are not sure who to believe. You put EyeBot into a magnitude estimation experiment and find that EyeBot’s Steven’s law values for the constant k and the exponent n are the same as five human subjects tested in the lab. You also extract some cells from EyeBot’s retina and see that the rhodopsin in the rods is degraded for several minutes when EyeBot enters a dark room. Given this information, do you side with the junior engineer or your Hunter colleague? Why? Give evidence for your answers.

I need help with this homework. Please help me.

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