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At his inaugural address in March 1861, President Abraham Lincoln reminded the nation that the âonly substantial disputeâ was that âone section of our country believes slavery is right, and ought to be extended, while the other believes it is wrong, and ought not to be extended.â The problems over slavery had plagued the country for decades, even generations. Your task in this final paper assignment is to clearly explain the FOUR most significant or critical events that led to the coming of the American Civil War. (In other words, what do you think were the FOUR most significant/critical events leading to the Civil War and why?) In addition, when do you believe the Civil War became inevitable and why? In developing your paper, be sure to: 

– Clearly explain the role slavery played in driving a wedge between the north and the south.

– Clearly explain the details of your four most significant/critical events.

– Clearly explain WHY you think each of these events is among the most significant/critical events leading to the Civil War.

– Clearly address the question: when do you believe the Civil War became inevitable and why

In addressing these above questions: be specific and provide properly-cited evidence. 

Your paper must have a clearly stated, and concise, underlined argument in the introductory paragraph that addresses the assignment question. The remainder of your paper must be organized around your main argument. Your paper should not be just a list of answers to the questions above, nor should it be a copy/paste of relevant key terms from lecture notes. You need to think about your four most critical events and explain to the reader how/why the details of these events make them so significant that they are a catalyst for the coming of the American Civil War. Also, think about how each of your four key events are linked to one another, which will help you to develop an argument. If you cannot clearly explain your position by the end of the introductory paragraph, and underline that argument, how do you expect your reader to know your argument and what the paper will try to prove? Your paper will be penalized if you do not underline your argument. Your paper must be based on historical evidence provided in lecture or information in Davidson, U.S. History: A Narrative, or DTAP. Any use of internet sources, texts not assigned for this course, or falsely citing course materials when the information is not in our textbooks/lecture will result in an F on the assignment and may be grounds for Academic Misconduct. Using a friendâs paper from last semester WILL result in an F for the course and a file with Academic Affairs. Just write the paper yourself and you will be fine!

Your paper must be 5 full pages in length, 12 pt font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, and 1â margins , foootnotes are requaierd

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