organize information into a table.

Use the information we have discussed in class about dietetic internships to search for a minimum of five. You are encouraged to fill out this information for each internship you find that you are interested in for your own personal reference. Please organize information into a table. For each of the internships selected, please indicate:

i have done with this assigment but i need to correct some this qestions

The formal title – University of Incarnate Word Dietetic Internship
2. The type of supervised practice (DI, MS/DI Combined, DE, ISPP?) – Dietetic internship (DI)
3. The location – San Antonio, TX
4. The emphasis (or concentration) – Diversity of Nutrition Care
5. The division of weeks/hours into different sectors of nutrition – 13-21 weeks Clinical, 12-16 weeks Community, 7-12 weeks Management
6. The duration of the program – 32-49 weeks
7. The cost of the program and the cost to apply – $45 to apply (program and grad application fees) and $10,135 for tuition and program fees
8. Top 3 ranked criteria – refer to PDF (work experience, total GPA, etc.) – from page 780 – 1 DPD GPA, 2 – Work experience, 3 – GRE
9. The method to apply (using DICAS or mail) – DICAS
10. The number of open positions & the number of applicants last year – 48 applied last year; 12 were accepted


All the information you need for each internship is in the Applicant Guide PDF

I will give you the questions and responses for the UIW program for you to use as an example. Look to see where I am finding this information on the PDF and use it as a reference for your other programs. The information below for UIW can be found on pages 778-780 in the Applicant Guide. 

D ietetic Internships



4 0


C la

ir e

L e

G a

u lt


• C

om m

ission on A ccreditation for D

ietetics E ducation (C


E )

• N

ow -> A

ccreditation C ouncil for E

ducation in N utrition &

D ietetics (AC



• A

m erican D

ietetic A ssociation (A



• N

ow -> A

cadem y of N

utrition and D ietetics (AN

D )

• D

ietician → D


Types of Program s

Types of Programs

1.Traditional program

-S upervised P

ractice rotations are set-up and supervised by one organization

-R otations w

ith R D

preceptors in the region of the organization

-A t least 1200 hours in rotations

-M ost program

s are full-tim e and should be treated as a full-tim

e job

-40-50 hours per w eek

Types of Programs 2.C

om bined M

aster’s program -M

aster of S cience (M

S ) courses + R

otations w ith R



-Typically 2 years (4 sem esters + 1 sum

m er)

-Traditional and D istance O


-Typically full-tim e program

s due to rotations and coursew ork

-A pplicants need to be ready for dem

and of graduate-level w orkload and m


-A rranged differently depending on the program

-D I portion first year, coursew

ork second year

-C oursew

ork first year, D I second year

-Internship during day, coursew ork at night

Types of Programs 3.D

istance E ducation

-S upervised P

ractice rotations overseen by one organization

-M ajority of program

s have students set up supervised practice rotations w ith R

D s

-S om

e program s do this for you

-A t least 1200 hours need to be com


-This type of intern needs to be assertive, w illing to approach potential preceptors, and able to

w ork independently

-O ffered both as full-tim

e and part-tim e

Types of Programs 4.IS


-Individualized S upervised P

ractice P athw


-A lternate pathw

ay that is tailored to m eet the students’ needs

-O ffered by program

s w ith either a D

I or D P

D program

-If you didn’t get into their D I program

, you m ost likely w

ill not m eet criteria for their ISPP

-H ow

ever, if you just m issed the cut for a program

, you m ay be considered for their IS


if they have one

-You can apply for an IS P

P if:

-You have a D PD

verification statem ent & didn’t m

atch w ith a D


-You hold a doctorate degree in nutrition/dietetics & don’t have a verification statem ent

ISPP Continued •

M ajority of program

s require students to set-up rotations w ith preceptors (like distance

program s)

• S

om e program

s w ill do this for you

• Tw

o advantages of IS P

P •

P revious dietetics-related experiences m

ay be counted tow ards 1200 hours

• E

x: sum m

er internship w ith extension could be part of com

m unity rotation

• If w

orking part-tim e in a nutrition-related field, som

e w ork could count tow

ards hours

• These advantages need to be negotiated w

ith IS P

P director

• D

istance Internship V ideo

https://w w


/w atch?v=3-vJqx9bjm


P rogram

type descriptions from :

I-program s

Factors to C onsider

Location, location, location •

Location of internship •

W here do I w

ant to get a job after the internship?

• A

m I able to m

ove or do I need to stay in area?

• Is there m

ore or less com petition in that location?

• Location of rotations

• P

rim arily one location or m

any locations

• W

ill there be travelling/m oving required for different rotation sites?

• D

o I need a car?

• C

onsider travel and variety of experiences

A ll Im

ages from G

oogle S lides

Finances •

C ost of program

• Tuition/fees or S


• Internships w

ith stipends are rare and com petitive

• C

an I afford the tuition?

• Is there financial aid or in-state tuition options?

• C

ost of living

• C

an I afford to live w here the internship is located?

• D

oes the program m

eet m y needs regardless of price?

Emphasis •

W hat is the em

phasis or concentration of the program ?

• E

very internship w ill m

eet the basic requirem ents so the question then

becom es:

• W

hat areas do I w ant to have experiences in? O

r m ore experience in?

• N

ot every program w

ill have rotations in specialty areas

• P


• S


• B


• D

oes the program have an open rotation w

here you can select an area you’d like to shadow

a dietitian?


• H

ow m

uch tim e can you dedicate to the internship? 6 m

onths or 2 years?

• H

ow fast w

ould you like to finish and start w orking?

• C

an you attend a full-tim e program


• D

o you need to look at part-tim e options in order to w

ork w hile com


your internship?

Grad School •

D o I w

ant to earn a graduate degree? N ow

or later?

• It w

ill be required by 2024

• O


• C

om bined program

-graduate w ith degree

• P

rogram s that grant som

e credits tow ards a degree -finish after graduation from


• C

om plete an internship and then return to graduate school

• H

ave I taken / can I take the G R

E ?

• C

an I afford the tuition associated w ith a graduate coursew


Program Statistics

• W

hat is the rate of interns graduating the program ?

• W

hat is the intern pass rate on the R D

exam follow

ing graduation?

• H

ow m

any spots are available?

• H

ow m

any students applied last year?

Factors to Consider “Perfect Fit Test” Video

https://w w


/w atch?v=fG

O rdm

uN G


Three specific reasons for a particular internship!

Searching for Internships

How to Search for Dietetic Internships

1.Academ y’s W


2.A pplicant G

uide -P D

F & E

xcel S heet

3.Internship W ebsites

EatRightPRO •

D irections •

EatR ightPR

O .og →

C areer →

Becom e a R



→ D


raduates → AC


-accredited dietetic internship program


• S

earch the nation or a specific state •

D o not select any box to the right if looking for traditional program


• Four options:

• O

nly P rogram

s O ffering D

istance E ducation

• O

nly P rogram

s that R esult in a G

raduate D egree

• O

nly P rogram

s that have a G raduate D

egree A vailable

• O

nly P rogram

s that have an IS P

P option available

• D

efinitions •

“N on D

egree” -m ay still be required coursew

ork but w ill not result in a graduate degree

• “Full-Tim

e” -32-40 hours/w eek

Applicant Guide •

Links to the 2015-2016 A pplicant G

uide are posted on C anvas

• Links to the updated 2016-2017 guide w

ill be posted as soon as they’re available

• P

ublished as a P D

F docum ent: 900 pages of over 250 program

s •

E xcel spreadsheet that allow

s users to sort and search program s:

• C

ost •

N um

ber of applicants •

D egree or certificate offered

• C

ity •

S tipend offered

• P

rogram concentration

• Length

• A

nd m ore!

Internship W ebsites

• G

o to internship w ebsite

• V

erify inform ation from


• Find additional inform


• G

et contact inform ation for either director or current interns

• Find specific application instructions

• Tips for how

to com m

unicate w ith internship directors

https://w w w

/w atch?v=v7aIXnaAH


Review of the 4 E’s

1.E nergy

2.E nthusiasm

3.E ngagem


4.E xcellence

Set Yourself U p!

Tips to Set Yourself Up

• P

ointers & tips com

piled from presentations by:

• G

ina P azzaglia, P

hD , R


-D P



• C

atherine C hristie, P

hD , R

D -Internship D


• A

lexis Fissinger -N utrition Fellow

• D

ebra W ein, M

S , R


, LD N

, C W


-P rogram

D irector

Complete Package •


A •

N utrition G


• S

cience G P

A •

W ork/V

olunteer E xperiences

• Transferable skills

• P

ersonal statem ent

• R

eferences •


G ood grades are im

portant but are not enough! P

rogram s w

ant w ell-rounded applicants

Consider Internships

• Identify internships based on goals, em

phasis, affordability, degree, etc.

• The factors w

e discussed earlier!

• R

eview the internship’s requirem


• G


, w ork experience, volunteer experience, etc.

• W

hat is considered to be the m ost im

portant by the internship?

• Find internships that are good m

atches for Y O


Consider Internships •

Q uality experiences help a low



• C

linical, C om

m unity, Foodservice, R

esearch experiences

• S

tate/national level involvem ent, conference attendance

• Leadership

• W

ork experience

• N

arrow your list to 4-6 internships

• Learn as m

uch as possible about each

• C

all the director & visit if possible (open house, tour, or appointm


20 Internships

4-6 Internships

You Have Until February 15th! •

N eed m

ore experience? It’s not too late!

• Take advantage of opportunities or create new


• P

articipate in events related to cam pus, com

m unity, or A

cadem y

• N

etw ork w

ith R D

s and see if you can assist w ith projects

• W

ebsites, new sletters, events, etc.

• S

eek and create experiences that: •

Foster grow th and relationships

• A

re w orth speaking about

• M

ake you a w ell-rounded candidate

Prepare Materials Thoroughly •

Tailor your internship packet to each location

• P

rofessionalism is crucial

• O

n tim e (or early) and w

ell-w ritten

• M

ultiple drafts w ill lead to com

plete, detailed m aterials

• R

em em

ber they represent you •

H ave the m

aterials review ed by others -professionals, professors, peers

• P

eople w ho know

you w ell can tell you if it represents you or not

• Practice “selling” your experiences and skills w

ith few w


• D

o not underestim ate any of your strengths

Prepare Materials Thoroughly

• R

ead (and re-read) directions & then follow

them !

• P

ay careful attention to both D IC


and individual program requirem


• U

se D IC


and D &

D support for questions

• C

onsider quality over quantity

They w on’t know

w hat you don’t tell them


Make a Timeline/Checklist •

S et goals and m

ake your ow n tim


• R

equesting transcripts -do it early!

• Taking the G



• A

sking for reference letters

• S

tarting/finishing personal statem ents

• M

aking paym ents

• C

om pleting parts of D


S application

Topics W e’ll Discuss More…

• B

eing prepared for a possible interview •

Look professional, know topics (N


, coaching, M I) -esophageal cancer exam


• R

esum e

• P

ersonal statem ents

• K

now w

hat they are looking for and address it in your personal statem ent

• K

now strengths, w

eaknesses, and career goals •

B e able to describe them

and stand out in a positive w ay

• S

trategically pick recom m

endations •

K now

w hat they w

ill say and give them things to w

rite about •

D on’t let them

set off red flags •

A sk perm

ission & ask early!

Getting Noticed •

C ontact the program •

S peak to director or past/current interns

• A

sk relevant, valid questions

• A

ttend open houses, m ake an appointm

ent to visit

• S

how s interest!

• A

llow s them

to put a face/m em

ory w ith a nam

e on an application

• W

ell-w ritten recom

m endations

• P

rofessionalism -application and correspondence

• Send a “Thank You” –next slide

Follow-Up •

W riting “Thank Yous”

• H

andw ritten is best

• Include details about w

hy you’d like to be m atched

• P

ersonalize it

• E

xam ples:

• “Thanks for review

ing m y application…

• “I look forw

ard to seeing the results on m atch day…


• P

reparation and professionalism are critical

• Follow

your checklist

• P

ay attention to details

• S

how gratitude

Dietetic Internship Search •

S earch for at least five internships using the inform

ation w e have discussed in class

• You w

ill find 10 pieces of inform ation per internship

• U

se all of the resources w e’ve discussed -especially the A

pplicant G uide P

D F and

E xcel sheet

• You are encouraged to fill out this inform

ation for each internship you find that you are

interested in -do 10 or 20!

Dietetic Internship Search 1. The form

al title 2. The type of supervised practice (D

I, M S

/D I C

om bined, D

E , IS


?) 3. The location 4. The em

phasis 5. The division of w

eeks/hours into different sectors of nutrition 6. The duration of the program 7. The cost of the program

and the cost to apply 8. Top 3 ranked criteria -refer to P

D F (w

ork experience, total G P

A , etc.)

9. The m ethod to apply (using D


S or m

ail) 10. The num

ber of open positions & the num

ber of applicants last year

Dietetic Internship Search •

Y our search can continue follow

ing the assignm ent

• This is just to get you started!

• A

rrange into a table form at for ease of organization

• S

ee sam ple on C


• If inform

ation is not available, you can just use “N /A”

• D

ue to C anvas 9/26 at 11:59pm

-55 pts

Q uestions?

Dietitian Internship Programs

Amanai Alali

Seminor 2

Formal title The Master of Clinical Nutrition – Coordinated Program in UT Southwestern School of Health Professions, Dallas The Coordinated Program in Dietetics in UTPA The Texas WIC Dietetic Internship (TX WIC DI) The Texas Tech University (TTU) Dietetic Internship (DI UIW Fully Accredited

Dietetic Internship

Type of supervised practice MS/DI General dietitian , Registered Dietitian (RD) Registered dietitians (DI) MS/DI Registered dietitian
The location The School of Health Professions Building (Building V) on the West Campus of UT Southwestern. The University of Texas-Pan American

College of Health Sciences & Human Services West, HSHW 2.226

1201 West University Drive

Austin, TX 78714-9347 Texas Tech University San Antonio or Midland
The emphasis Master degree, medical nutrition therapy emphasis Bachelor degree, general emphasis Current employment with a Texas WIC local agency or a Texas Department of State Health Services WIC Program Successful completion of all the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) academic requirements (accredited or approved by (ACEND) or Declaration of Intent to Complete DPD (obtain from your DPD Director). High school course difficulty

High school grade point average (g.p.a.)

Class rank

Division of weeks Six semesters Six semesters per year 31 weeks 39 weeks with 1248 hours 30 weeks
Duration of program 24 months yearly 7 month program that begins in January and ends in August 15 month program 9-month program for full-time interns and 12-month for part-time
Cost of program and application $23,200 for Texas residents and $48,200 for non-Texas residents. $487 $5,625 – $16,025 $9,550.00 for residents and $20,460.00 for non-resident $27,000 full-time tuition per year
Top 3 ranked criteria – refer to PDF (work experience, total GPA, etc.) Letters of recommendation from instructors, employers, undergraduate advisors, volunteer supervisors, academic/research mentors, and other people who know you and your abilities. GRE scores and TOEFL scores for an international student. a grade point average of a least 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, seventy-two (72) semester hours of college credit are required and recommendations Current employment with a Texas WIC local agency or a Texas Department of State Health Services WIC Program, Degree and experience, minimum 3.0 GPA from DPD program Taken the GRE exam, successful completion of all the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD) and overall grade point average of 3.0 or greater. SAT and/or ACT scores, High School Transcript, G.E.D. scores (if applicable)
Application method Complete an online application by February 15, 2017. Applications, instructions, and materials are available at the Dietetics Office or from organization web site. Online application through at (email The fee is $40 for the first application and $20 for each additional application. Applicants are expected to follow directions for the DICAS application process Complete application form
The number of open positions & the number of applicants last year 20 students each year. Maximum of 17 students Unspecified 18 interns unspecified

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