Principles of Persuasion


Assignment 2: LASA 1 Principles of Persuasion

An environmental organization would like to film a pro-recycling public service announcement and have brought you on as a consultant to help them better understand the principles of persuasion and how they should be applied in this PSA. As part of your presentation to the organization you will need to educate them on the principles of persuasion (using what has been learned through previous research) that will need to be applied to their PSA.

Create a PowerPoint presentation.

In the first 5 to 6 slides of your presentation you will need to:

  • Summarize at least two previous research studies on persuasion.
  • How were the principles of persuasion studied?
  • Was the research valid? Why or why not?
  • What was learned through these studies that can be applied to the creation of the above PSA?

In your next 8 to 10 slides you will incorporate all you have learned about the art of persuasion to create your own PSA PowerPoint presentation to present to this organization that they will use to guide the filming of their video.

In this presentation you will need to:

  • Present a creative argument that will persuade the viewers of the need to recycle, which the video will be based on.
  • Use at least two primary principles of persuasion within this presentation.
  • In the final slide outline which two or more principles were used and why they were a good fit for this PSA.

Your total presentation should be a minimum of 10 to 16 slides (not including your title and reference slides). For your project you will need to be creative in the use of your graphics and fonts in addition to discussing and applying the principles of persuasion.

For this assignment, please use your text book along with additional resources from the Argosy Library.

Suggested additional resources:

  • Wood, W. (2000). Attitude change: Persuasion and social influence. Annual Review of Psychology, 51, 539-570.
  • Cialdini, R.B. & Goldstein, N.J. (2004). Social influence: Compliance and conformity.Annual Review of Psychology, 55, 591-621.
  • Schwarz, N. (1998). Warmer and more social: Recent developments in cognitive social psychology. Annual Review of Sociology, 24, 239-264.
  • Cialdini, R.B. (2003). Crafting normative messages to protect the environment. Current Directions in Psychological Science. 105-109.


You will be developing a POWERPOINT.

There is some great information on the development of a PowerPoint presentation located in the M3A2 link. Some suggestions for organization would be to include an introduction slide, the use of bullet points (brief summaries verses full paragraphs), using the note section for more comments and an essay format, and have a reference slide.

***Be sure to include a brief summary/bullet points on the slide immediately before the references on the TWO specific principles of persuasion you used in the suggestions you provided for the new public service announcement on recycling***

You can add photos, transitions, designs, color fonts, etc. to grab your audience’s attention. Play with the tabs and the icons to get comfortable with the program


Include an introduction.

The first portion is requiring you to analyze research studies regarding persuasion. You already reviewed the different research methods (observation research, surveys, and experiments) in the first written assignment.

The research studies can include the Milgram experiment, some of the ones discussed in the textbook, and the ones provided in the M3A2 link in the classroom.


Now you will analyze these studies, discover what they found regarding persuasion techniques, and determine if they are valid studies. Validity and reliability is related to whether or not you trust what you are being told? Advantages and disadvantages of the research METHOD used in the studies you analyzed. Can the results/findings be generalized or be applied to everyone in the country?

Once you provide this information you will determine what principles of persuasion you will use in the public service announcement. Be sure to be very specific.

I like to compare this assignment to ways they can use psychology in marketing and advertising. It is amazing to see just how often psychological principles are used in many areas in our lives!


Now you will develop a PowerPoint presentation that you will present to a company about recycling. You will tell them the principles you are using and how you will use them to convince people to recycle. Be sure to be very specific.


The last slide (as stated in the grading rubric) must be a review of the two specific principles of persuasion you used in the presentation. Summarize why you chose them and why you find them to be effective in the recycling announcement.


Include a reference list in APA format. Use in-text APA citations in your slides just as you would in an essay.



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