Problem 2 Part A Maxwell’s equations can be used to show that electromagnetic waves can propagate through space . ( a ) Describe the key aspects of…

Problem 2Part AMaxwell’s equations can be used to show that electromagnetic waves can propagate throughspace .( a ) Describe the key aspects of an electromagnetic wave . Your description should mentionthe electric and magnetic fields , direction of propagation , and speed . A diagram would be*useful in explaining these concepts .( b ) At some point in space , a sinusoidal electromagnetic wave has an intensity of 2.5 Wm – 2Calculate the amplitudes of the electric field and the magnetic field at this point . Ensurethat you include units .( C ) An unpolarised beam of light , travelling horizontally , with an intensity of Jin = 2.5 WM – 2)is passed , sequentially , through two polarisers as shown in the figure . The transmission*axis of the first polariser is vertical . The transmission axis of the second polariser is at anangle ! to the first . The transmitted intensity after the second polariser is measured to be*Tout = 0. 85 WM- 2 . What is the angle A between the polarisers ?LinI outPart B ( Advanced )A double slit interference pattern is observed on a screen 1 . 0 m behind the slit . The separationof the slits is 0 . 25 mm , and the width of each slit is much smaller than the separation . The slit*is simultaneously illuminated with two laser light sources _ a green laser with wavelength 532Am and a blue laser with wavelength 355 Am . Describe the pattern observed on the screen . Arethere any points where light from only one of the two lasers is observed ? If so , calculate theposition ( s ) . If not , explain why not .

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