Psychology Essay

Follow the directions below and write a single, cohesive essay that is a minimum of 300 words long. Use complete sentences and correct grammar and spelling. Use APA formatting to cite resources appropriately.

In this essay, you will demonstrate your understanding of classical and operant conditioning through application and comparison. There are four steps to this essay.

1.To start your essay, consider the following example of classical conditioning:

2. When Antonio was seven years old, he got a very bad case of the flu and ended up being hospitalized. Although he recovered without any complications, he notices that he begins to feel sick to his stomach any time he passes by or has to visit the hospital where he was previously treated.

In your own words, explain why this is an example of classical conditioning. Be sure to define classical conditioning and identify the US, UR, CR, and CS in this scenario as appropriate.

3. Next, think about your own life and and describe a personal example to illustrate operant conditioning. Include both a positive reinforcer and a punisher in your example. Explain why your scenario is an example of operant conditioning, then define the following terms, (even if they are not present in your example): positive reinforcer, negative reinforcer, positive punisher, and negative punisher.

4. Finally, use the two scenarios to compare classical and operant conditioning. Explain how they are alike and how they differ using the two scenarios along with the lesson materials to support your points.

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