Review the various patient safety indicators presented below: – Patient Safety Indicators:

Review the various patient safety indicators presented below:

– Patient Safety Indicators:

(a) Death in low mortality DRGs

(b) Pressure Ulcer

(c) Death among surgical inpatients with treatable serious complications

(d) Foreign body left during procedure

(e) latrogenic pneumothorax

(f) Central venous catheter-related bloodstream infection

(g) Postoperative hemorrhage or hematoma

(h) Postoperative hip fracture

(i) Postoperative physiological and metabolic derangement

(j) Postoperative PE or DVT

Select an indicator of particular interest to you (excluding hospital-acquired infections) and address the following questions:

  • (1) What specific patient subpopulation, in terms of gender and age, appears to be at greatest risk for the hospital safety event that you selected?
  • (2) What factors might predispose your subpopulation to the safety event that you selected?
  • (3) As a healthcare manager, what strategy (or strategies) would you recommend an an organizational approach to reducing the incidence of the safety event you selected?

Discussion Question Guidelines

• Discussion posting of no less than 450 words. This assignment should include cited works as indicated with a list of references at the conclusion of the document.

• Please single-space your discussion.

• Do not attach a cover sheet/title page with your posting.

• Please make sure your response relates to the relevant concepts explored in the question and that all components of the discussion question are addressed.

Central Venous Catheter Related Blood Stream Infections.Placement of central venous catheters is a common practice especially for patients who happento be critically ill. They are most commonly…

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