Sociological perspective.

Although many different viewpoints in social science are valid and have a lot of importance, it is equally important for us to understand how Sociology looks at the nature of a social issue or phenomenon in society today by applying the sociological perspective.

Choose one topic that exists in society that you think is particularly serious, and explain it in sociological terms. Here is a list of topics:
Global poverty
Environmental Racism
Recidivism of the young males in the prison system
Gender inequality and equal pay
Health care reform-Affordable Care Act
Use of social networking sites and privacy
Illicit Drugs
Pop culture’s influence upon children and teens
Elder abuse and age discrimination
Violence on television and its effect upon crime
Formatting Requirements
For this paper you are to write a 3-5 page paper/not to include the works citied page.
Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title at the top of the document.
Use one-inch margins.
Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.
Use double line spacing in the document.
Use MLA Citation Style
Submit Your Paper through Safe Assign-See Submission Instructions in learning unit #7.
Precise organization-You should have an introduction, full body paragraphs, and a conclusion. You essay should include a thesis statement (purpose, flow of the paper). Your body paragraphs should follow the thesis, so your topic sentences should address the points listed above.
Clear, concrete examples-Within your body paragraphs you should use specific examples (no vague generalizations).
You should include in-text citations to support your research/information.
You should include at least 3 references for this assignment; two of which are academic journals. Please remember that Wikipedia may not be used as a source.
Academic research articles can be accessed through the FTCC Library site.
Grading Criteria:
The paper will need to address the following aspects of the topic:
Introduction (One paragraph) (5 points)
Explain the scope of why the social issue is considered a serious issue. Provide research within the past 5 years. Your academic sources should include: an academic peer-reviewed journal article from our FTCC library, as well as additional academic sources. Please refer to the Prep Assignment- there are FTCC electronic databases that are also listed there. This social issue or phenomenon should be measurable in some statistical way. Is it increasing, and if so, how? Among which groups of people- age, race, social class, gender, geography, and for how long. (At least one paragraph) (20 points)
What might be one important way in which the social issue is currently being addressed in society? Provide an example of a current event, news report or a contemporary example. (At least one paragraph) (15 points)
Demonstrate your understanding of the sociological perspective: How sociological concepts can be applied to the topic. Define and identify at least three concepts from our text relevant to your chosen social topic.   Analyze the way in which these concepts help us better understand the nature of the social topic you are discussing.( At least three paragraphs).  (40 points)
Did you define, analyze/explain at least 3 concepts/terms or theories from our text relevant to your chosen topic? (You may incorporate these concepts throughout the paper). They must be included with in- text citations or easily identifiable in the paper.
Analysis of an organization related to the social issue. (10 points) (One paragraph)
This is where you will connect your social topic with social structure by providing research about an organization in the community that is relevant to your chosen social issue.
Based upon your topic chosen, describe one organization in the community (feel free to do your own independent research on an organization by finding information online,  emailing someone in the organization or setting up a personal interview with someone within  the organization) .
What are ways that the organization is addressing the social issue you have researched? For example, are they helping to create homeless shelters, are they helping people receive drug treatment, or are they working with state and local authorities to curb suffering in some area? (Apply your topic)
Provide the function of the organization, the main goals and duties. What population does it serve? Who are the clients? (such as gender, age, race, social class of the population).
What are some of the positive outcomes of their work?
Include a conclusion (5 points) (One paragraph)
Provide a summary paragraph- summarizing the main points of your paper
Will this social issue improve?  Please use critical thinking here.
Be sure to use your own words except for few quotes that you may feel necessary.  Make sure quotes are in quotation marks, and cited properly, both in text and on a reference/works cited page.
–(5 points) Did you follow the formatting instructions? If your paper is shorter than required (3-5 pages, excluding title and reference page), there will be points deducted. A reference page and a cover page is required. You should have at least 3 references in your work cited page to support your analysis, following MLA guidelines. Paper structure and Formatting

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