Spanning the Market


Case 5.3 Spanning the Market

Read Case 5.3 Spanning the Marketin the course text. In a three to five page paper, please address the following:

  • Describe the most pressing problem for The Beacon’s publisher.
  • Identify the greatest weakness in this situation related to external impacts.
  • Develop a resolution to the greatest weakness in this situation.
  • Assess whether or not The Beacon should be classified as a “Black newspaper” and why.
  • Evaluate where the town of Conway is in the adoption process regarding The Beacon.
  • Discuss what action The Beaconshould take with regard to local advertisers with The Times and discuss whether the publisher should be concerned with the record.
  • Compare how the model of starting a Hispanic newspaper may or may not differ from the one of starting a Black newspaper.

Sylvie, G., Wicks, J. L., Hollifield, C. A., Lacy, S., & Sohn, A. B. (2012). Media management: A casebook approach (4th ed.).

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