The coordinate system In phyphox, the z axis is perpendicular to the screen, pointing out of it. The x axis points to the right when holding the…

An accelerometer in a phone app was used to find acceleration data listed in this doc:

Situation: Accelerometer sensor in the phone was turned on just before getting into an elevator on the 1st floor and the phone was put on the floor; a bunch of acceleration data was taken by the phone while the elevator was going up to a certain floor, then the phone was picked up, walked out of the elevator, and turned off just after exiting. The results in the document are the acceleration data for the whole block of time from going into the elevator to coming out:

This data gives acceleration versus time for the x, y, and z directions. How the direction of accelerating the phone corresponds to each of the directions x, y​, and ​z​ is shown in the attached picture.

By applying kinematics principles figure out what floor the phone went up to.

PLEASE any help at all would be amazing

The coordinate systemIn phyphox, the z axis is perpendicular to thescreen, pointing out of it. The x axis points tothe right when holding the device in its defaultposition. For phones this means, that it points1to the right while looking at the screen inportrait (vertical) orientation. The y axis pointsupwards along the long side of the phone.However, on some larger tablets, the defaultXorientation can be landscape (horizontal), inwhich case x points along the long side of thedevice.

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