Trans-Pacific Partnership(TPP)-TPP case analysis-Macroeconomic Case

Read the TPP case I uploaded and answer the following 3 questions:
1)What are the highlights of each element of the TPP (trans-pacific partnership) as described in the case?
2)What were the objections by the U.S. in each of these areas, if any, as well as in general, including by the leading U.S. political candidates in the 2016 election?
3) Researching current/recent news: What is current status of the TPP? Who’s doing what? Japan? US? China?
1-2 pages per question, so probably 5 pages in total
OUTLINE Format !!!!!!!! 
BULLET POINT, DOUBLE-SPACED !!! just bullet point, no paragraphs
Long-winded/ fuzzy answers will be marked down
ANSWER THE QUESTIONS (read carefully!!!!!!!! Repeat the question and then answer)
NO EXTERNAL SOURCES ALLOWED. get the answers from the case only!!!!!
Use the data if there has the data in the case